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Eagle Scouts

Troop 111 has seen 52 boys pass through the ranks to attain the highest rank of Eagle.

Their projects are as unique as each of the boys themselves. 
Here is a highlight of the most recent to achieve that rank. Click on the roster to

view the full list! 

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August 17, 2021

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jonathan farrell

January 19, 2021

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William Gulley

September 8, 2020

ethan estevez

June 2, 2020


January 14, 2020

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     Cameron Whalen

April 16, 2018

Cameron's project involved more than two dozen volunteers in the assembly, painting, and delivery of trash can containers to prevent critters from tearing into the trash at the Big Dog Rescue Ranch. 


Luc LaGrange

February 26, 2018

Luc led his team of volunteers in the assembly of benches to benefit the Big Dog Rescue Ranch. Because of his project, the visitors of that dog rescue have a much more comfortable way to visit with their potential "furever" pets.

Andrew Lange

March 20, 2017

Andrew's project involved reconstructing foot bridges at Mounts Botanical Garden to ensure safe passage from one area to the next by volunteers, patrons, guests, and employees. 


Christopher Rice

December 19, 2016

Chris's Eagle Project benefited Mounts Botanical Garden. He led his group of volunteers in the installation of a multi-section hydroponic garden which serves as a functional educational tool. 

Tim Dupoux

December 19, 2016

Tim's group worked on a wooden fence for a local church. 

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